Why Us ?

Unmatched Expertise

Five decades of experience in manufacture of Chlorates and Perchlorates.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to serve, with our quality products to all our customers.

Versatility and Innovation

Explores new frontiers in applications as oxidizers.

Our Expertise

Pandian Chemicals Ltd

Pandian Chemicals Limited (PCL) and its Subsidiary MEPCO Industries Limited (MIL) specialize in the manufacturing of Chlorates and Perchlorates for five decades.

PCL was Registered in the year 1972 as a Public Ltd Joint sector Company, promoted by Tamilnadu industrial Development corporation [TIDCO], Chennai and the Metal Powder company Ltd., (MEPCO), Thirumangalam.

Mepco Industries Ltd

Mepco Industries Limited (MIL), is a subsidiary company of Pandian Chemicals Limited. The company owns and operates Potassium Chlorate manufacturing plant named Karaikal Chlorates Limited at Puducherry. MEPCO Industries Limited is the largest producer of Potassium Chlorate in India. Our Potassium Chlorate is widely used in safety match industries in many parts of India and across the globe. The company specializes in the production of Potassium Chlorate, with a strong commitment to quality.


Dedicated to achieving excellence

Committed to pursuing excellence in everything we do, our unwavering dedication drives us to continually raise the bar. We believe that excellence is not just an achievement but a journey, and we are on this journey every day, striving for perfection. Our commitment to excellence is at the core of our values and defines our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.


Our Products

Potassium Chlorate

Powering Safety Match Industry

‭Potassium Chlorate is a highly effective white crystalline powder renowned for its powerful oxidizing properties. With its exceptional solubility in water, this chemical compound is extensively utilized as an oxidizing agent across diverse industries. Such as safety matches, fire works etc. ‬‬
‬Sodium Perchlorate

Raw Materials for Mining

‭Sodium Perchlorate finds versatile applications across several industries. It is a key component in packaged explosives for the mining sector, contributing to effective blasting. In the realm of PVC production, it serves as an additive for Ca-Zn stabilizers.
Ammonium Perchlorate

Fuelling Aerospace

Ammonium Perchlorate excels in demanding applications by supplying essential oxygen for combustion and efficient propulsion, vital for space missions and defense systems employing solid propellant rockets.‭ ‬‬


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