About Us

Pandian Chemicals Limited

Pandian Chemicals Limited (PCL) and its Subsidiary MEPCO Industries Limited (MIL) specialize in the manufacturing of Chlorates and Perchlorates for over five decades.

PCL was Registered in the year 1972 as a Public Ltd Joint sector Company, promoted by Tamilnadu industrial Development corporation [TIDCO], Chennai and the Metal Powder company Ltd., (MEPCO), Thirumangalam.

PCL owns and operates 3 manufacturing plants in Tamilnadu:

1. APC unit in Cuddalore – in the name of Pandian Chemicals Limited

2. Tamilnadu Chlorates, Madurai – in the name of Pandian Chemicals Limited

3. Thervoykandigai Unit, Chennai – in the name of Pandian Chemicals Limited

All the plants are equipped with advanced technology and processes to ensure efficient and consistent production to meet international standards. With a focus on quality control and product excellence, Pandian Chemicals Limited has established as a trusted supplier for Chlorates and Perchlorates in India and the global market.

Quality Policy

We have implemented an Integrated Management System that encompasses our Quality, This system includes regular internal and external audits, which are conducted to ensure that we consistently comply with the highest standards and practices in these areas.

Our Promise

Our unwavering dedication to innovation drives us to deliver exceptional products and seamless service to our global customers. We prioritize understanding and meeting our customers’ specific application requirements, while also emphasizing sustainability in our solutions.


We prioritize the timely delivery of high-quality products and continuously strive to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our company culture fosters effective and open communication with all stakeholders, ensuring that we remain engaged with them on a regular basis.

For Stakeholders

At our organization, we hold the utmost regard for our employees, suppliers, customers, and the community in which we operate. We deeply value our commitments, work hard and strive to honor them.

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